Classification Tools

NCCS has a variety of tools and resources available to help with classification:

NTEE Search Tool

Our Google-like interface lets users type in a keyword and list all matching NTEE-CC Codes. The NTEE Search Tool includes definitions, keywords, scope notes (hints for coding), and examples. Continuously updated.

IRS Activity Codes

When organizations apply for recognition of their exempt status from the IRS they complete either an IRS Form 1023 or Form 1024. As part of that process, they were asked to indicate up to three primary areas of activity using the IRS Activity Code system.

NPC Search Tool

This tool provides a Google-like interface for searching and browsing Nonprofit Program Classifications. Type in a keyword and view  related NPC classifications, or view a list of all codes. Links to definitions and code-specific tips are just a click away.

NTEE-CC Two Pager

This 2-page chart provides an overview of all the NTEE-CC codes. Revised May 2005. Files: NTEE_Two_Page.pdf or NTEE Two Page.DOC.

NTEE-CC Manual & Training Guide

This 188 page manual includes general descriptions of the major group areas of the NTEE as well as definitions for each of the 400+ NTEE-CC codes. Available in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). For the most recent edits to the coding system, please use the Web-based NTEE-CC Browser.  File: NTEE-CC-Manual.PDF

Affiliate Organization List

Alphabetical list of national organizations that have multiple local affiliates which should be classified alike. NTEE-CC codes and organization URLs are included. File: Affiliate Organization List.pdf

NPC Program Codes

This 63-page file -- NPC-lookup.pdf -- can be printed and used as a reference tool when working with the Nonprofit Program Classification System. NPC Beneficiary Codes and NPC Common Codes complete the system.

NPC Beneficiary/Population Codes

These codes describe the population served by nonprofit programs or organizations:  NPC_Beneficiary_Codes_Lookup.pdf

NPC Common Codes

These codes -- NPC_Common_Codes Lookup.pdf -- describe common supporting activities such as fundraising for other nonprofit organizations, management assistance, and advocacy. 

Other 501(c) Organizations NTEE-CC Reference Chart

This chart presents a summary of NTEE-CC classifications for exempt organizations other than 501(c)(3)s. File: NTEE 501C_other.pdf

Keywords for Housing-Related Activities and Organizations

Alphabetized list of keywords for organizations providing housing and residential care options. File: NTEE Housing Keywords.pdf

NTEE-CC Users Newsletters

Reference copies of the NTEE-CC Users Newsletter, a quarterly e-mail newsletter written in 2004 and 2005 to help users better understand how the NTEE-CC works and keep abreast of any changes that may take place.

File: NTEE-CC_Users_Newsletter_Vol1_No1.pdf
File: NTEE-CC_Users_Newsletter_Vol1_No2.pdf
File: NTEE-CC_Users_Newsletter_Vol2_no1.pdf
File: NTEE-CC_Users_Newsletter_Vol2_no2-3.pdf